That's right folks. I have finally released all source files for my The Great Transmutator contest entry and it is all absolutely free for both personal and commercial use! I mean, it is redistributed under Beer License meaning that you are obliged to buy me a beer if you will ever get a chance to do so.

Here is a short list of things you could potentially learn from it (it is all Unity3d stuff):

  • How to create custom Shuriken modules
  • How to grab some data from particle system and use it to displace mesh of another object
  • How to use Custom Data module in your shader
  • How to create point and mesh particle attractors
  • How to straighten a banana while maintaining its curvature
  • And much, much more!

You can grab the whole project here. You will need Unity 5.6.0f3 or later in order to launch it. I added some comments here and there so I hope the learning process won't be terrible. Just bare in mind that this was all made for a contest so make sure that you properly profile it and optimise before using in actual application :) If you have any questions just put a comment down below.

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